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VERTX Facade Maintenance is proud of our continued efforts to help create and maintain an environmentally sustainable business and practice environmentally friendly solutions for all the services we provide.


Our company’s foundation is built on our values which distinguish and guide our actions. We conduct our services to make sure that we are environmentally responsible to help protect the environment which in turn benefits and protects all communities, our neighbors, nature as well as our employees too.


We make sure that we only use biodegradable materials when providing our services. We will never use chemicals unnecessarily which could potential damage the surfaces we are working on as well as harm our natural landscape or animals. We always reclaim our water to follow the local ordinance to eliminate water wastage. Additionally, we will never dispose of any damaging materials such as oils into drainage systems. All of these promises we have implemented to make sure that we are doing our due diligence in being an environmentally sustainable company.


Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of our community by working together with businesses, community leaders and neighbors to help create a clean and safe place to live and work for future generations.

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