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Our Mission:

To bring Facade Maintenance to everyone

We are proud to be part of Austin’s story, and celebrate its unique flair and culture. 

We are a home-grown business that celebrates the culture we have created with our employees. 

We honor our roots and are proud to be a key member in our client’s team of services and their overall operations. Our company family extends to our clients. We ensure that we establish and preserve our alliance with our customers, while seamlessly working alongside them.

Safety is paramount. We plan and prepare our projects with the diligence and the care needed to keep our customers and employees safe. 

By utilizing our knowledge, experience and the latest technology in this industry, we can make sure that we are providing a safe, cost effective and efficient means of accessing any structure, so that we can provide a first class service.

We are proud to be from Austin.

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the experts.

Our experience, coupled with our continuing education allows us to prioritize our expertise.



safety concious. 

Safety goals, protocols and certifications mean we never put any one at risk. 

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Free expertise, estimates, and our enduring customer care means we put their interests at the forefront of everything we do.

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a family. 

We’ve created a supportive family unit from within that extends to our clients.

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made in Austin.

No matter how big or small the project, we never forget our roots as an Austin-born business.

Our Story:

Born in Austin, Raised in Texas

Austin born and raised VERTX CEO Joseph Newman began cleaning windows with his father 17 years ago. This opportunity helped Joseph gage the world of business while developing and cultivating both personal and professional relationships, especially when it came to supporting local businesses within the unique and “weird” Austin, TX.


After his first entrepreneurial endeavour based on the powerful Keep Austin Weird slogan, here we are, 17 years later with a team of skilled professionals and a business partner to boot. As Austin continues to grow, we will never forget to Keep Austin Weird and to honour our roots.


VERTX Facade Maintenance reflects this sentiment in its celebration of the old and the new coming together. We are proud to introduce VERTX and continue our growth within the myriad of skyscrapers from right here in Austin and all around Texas.


Joseph Newman

Joseph Newman, CEO

Joseph started helping his father out one day with his window cleaning job. While Mr Newman was busy cleaning windows, Joseph ran back and forth filling up buckets spilling with water and handing out rags when needed! Fast-forward almost 20 years later and Joseph is carrying on the family legacy.


Joseph enjoys writing music, acquiring as many languages as he can under his belt and surfing.

Parveen Newman, President

Originally hailing from the small island of the United Kingdom, Parveen moved to Austin in 2014 after marrying Joseph. The plan was to stay in Austin for a few years, however fast forward a few years later and Parveen now describes herself as a honary Texan and can’t live without Tex-Mex.


Parveen loves reading, running and is currently learning Spanish.

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